Policy on impartiality and objectivity

In order to assure impartiality and objectivity regarding the certification activities, CertUp applies the following rules:

  • the certification activities are provided by CertUp, organized in a juridical entity that only offers certification activities and third party audits.
  • CertUp therefore provides no consultancy, nor internal audits for certified clients. Supportive or informative actions to the audit can be delivered as long as they are not tailor made.
  • CertUp does not outsource certification activities. (Freelance) auditors have therefore a limited mission and are trained, coached, observed and evaluated by the CertUp. CertUp takes full responsibility of the audit mission.
  • the time and price calculation of the audit is based on a standard grid that is used for all audits regarding to the same standard. The grid has been established based on the requirements of the standard to be applied. CertUp watches over any kind of pressure (commercial, financial or other) in order not to compromise objectivity and impartiality.
  • CertUp does not certify the management system of another certification body.